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Diehl Defence

Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG is a high technology developer and manufacturer Company settled in Überlingen, Germany who is also subsidiary of the Diehl Group which is over 100 years old.

Diehl Defence develops armaments and equipment of high technology in the fields of: Air Defense Systems, Guided Missiles, Ammunition, and Training and Protection Systems..

The company has developed and produces the 5º generation missile IRIS-T SRAAM (short-range air-to- air missile) with high agility and infrared seeker head for air engagement in the short and very short range. Currently the IRIS-T has been selected as standard weapon to the follow fighter aircrafts: Eurofighter, F-16, EF-18, Tornado and Gripen.

Among Diehl's products, the IRIS-T SLM Anti-Aircraft Defense System is an option for the Brazilian Army in its Medium-Height Anti-Aircraft Defense Project.

The company is also the developer of ATLan-AS, an Advanced Training for Land Combat Systems (combat vehicles and weapons) that can be used for crew training of the Brazilian Army’s Leopard 1A5 MBT.

Diehl Defence with the Swedish SAAB jointly developed the RBS15 Anti-Ship Missile.

Diehl Defence's range of products also includes the 76 mm smoke grenades; the HPEM (high-power electromagnetic pulse equipment) and the SIMONE (ship infrared monitoring, observation and navigation equipment).

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