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SERT is French company that for more than 25 years offers a wide range of mobile field utilities for Defence and Security sectors.

MKeeping efficiency in mind, SERT has developed its equipment based on high standardization of components resulting in simple and cost effective maintenance as well as very low rate of spare parts inventory to keep.

The products are modular and can be assembled in trailers, containers or platforms to meet the demands of the catering, sanitation and life camp. The mobility and portability of the equipment allows fast and effective interventions in all the operations theaters.

Meals preparation (Catering) is a major need to consider during people-gatherings on unsuitable sites or in difficult life conditions. SERT has designed three comprehensive range of catering equipment covering all the necessary functions: preparation, cooking, refrigeration, freezing, service, dish-washing and bakery.

SERT Sanitation products result of studies and advanced technologies, ensure the personal hygiene and clothing hygiene of the troops, and contribute to the welfare and morale of the users. SERT products covers all the "SANITARY" functions necessary for the life support of the people in the field: showers, WC, laundry, water treatment.

SERT uses SaniSERT, a biodegradable product, for the treatment of waste and sewage that eliminates bacteria and odors from waste before it is drained. The camping accessories offer the troops comfort and well-being in all situations.

SERT's products meet all European Union certifications as well the military standards required by NATO. SERT products are currently used by various Armed Forces and International Organizations as UN..

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