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Survitec Group was formerly known as the Inflatable Systems Division of Wardle Storeys Ltd. Its history dates back to 1920, when RFD was formed and named after its founder - Reginald Foster Dagnall.

In recent years, the company has continued to expand and evolve, both through the growth of market share, and through the acquisitions of other leading manufacturers and brands, including the acquisition of Beaufort, which can trace its foundations back to the 1850s.

RFD lifejackets and inflatable boats were extensively used in World War II by the Allied aircrews.

A RFD Beaufort foi pioneira na tecnologia de escape submarino na década de 1950, conhecido como equipamento de escape de submarino (Submarine Escape Immersion Equipment - SEIE).

The RFD brand is world renowned and a frontier of marine safety. It main office is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.

After over 90 years the brand is still at the forefront of survival technology, designing and manufacturing high quality and award-winning safety products for marine and aviation customers worldwide.

The Brazilian Air Force F-5 and A-1 fighter aircrafts pilots use the RFD Mk40 lifejackets. Also the liferafts Aerolite and Heliraft of RFD Beaufort are used in transport and maritime patrol aircrafts and helicopters as well.

The Brazilian Navy helicopters crews use the Mk15 lifejackets and Heliraft liferafts from the RFD. The Brazilian Navy submarines use the RFD SEIE Mk10 emergency scape suits.

The main products of RFD Beaufort are: inflatable liferafts, life jackets, immersion suits, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) suits, fire retardant suits, liquid refrigeration vests, marine evacuation systems and anti-G trousers.

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